Hydrocarbon Services

Compliance  ·  Safety Audits  ·  Tank Management Services

A compliance and safety audit for UST and AST facilities helps to keep fuel systems in compliance with regulations and accepted safety standards.

Full knowledge of regulatory requirements and the physical conditions and configurations of fuel systems helps to protect the owner from possible legal and financial liabilities associated with the following:

  • Tank testing requirements
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
  • Inventory control procedures and requirements
  • Leak detection systems and replacement/upgrade recommendations
  • Inventory procedures/requirements for UST and AST systems

Release Investigation

CCRG employs cost-effective strategies to characterize and delineate hydrocarbon releases into the soil and ground water. CCRG works with regulators in various states that oversee the storage tank program to assure that the required detail of the investigation is commensurate with the magnitude of the hydrocarbon release.

Strategies include:

  • Free-product characterization
  • Soil probes for low-impact sampling of soil, ground water, or soil vapors
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Soil borings and monitoring wells
  • Hydrogeological investigations
  • Risk assessments to determine the potential environmental impact of the release

Site Remediation

CCRG staff has training in all phases of soil and groundwater remediation; from initial concept design through site closure.

Our work has involved:

  • Negotiation of a remedial approach and end points which balances regulatory requirements with the client's schedule and financial constraints.
  • Pilot testing and treatability studies
  • Design of remediation system
  • Construction oversight and management
  • System startup, monitoring, and maintenance