Geotechnical Construction Services

Local and state regulations require that quality control tests be performed by an independent third party engineering company during construction of most development projects.

CCRG staff has been involved with quality control testing on various types of projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area and central East Coast and are familiar with local county requirements and geology.

CCRG provides efficient and cost-effective observation and testing during all phases of construction. Our team of reliable, trained, and Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories (WACEL) certified technicians performs on-site soil and concrete testing, and monitors steel reinforcement placement to ensure work is performed in accordance with project designs and specifications.

Also, CCRG is a WACEL certified inspection agency. The timely response to field problems during construction by our professional engineers is a great benefit to our clients.

Construction Services

  • Identify acceptable borrow materials
  • Check soils to minimize excessive and/or unnecessary cut and fill
  • Monitor soil placement
  • Test soil compaction
  • Monitor concrete and reinforcement steel placement with specification
  • Monitor foundation construction and check bearing capacity
  • Monitor pavement subgrade construction and asphalt paving
  • Review and monitor excavation dewatering

CCRG will prepare all necessary submission to the local government agencies to comply with building code regulations.

Our staff has established relationships with many key county staff personnel which enable CCRG to deal quickly with problems that develop during construction.

Laboratory Testing Services

CCRG maintains a small soil laboratory facility for in-house use.

Representative tests are as follows:

  • Moisture content
  • Atterberg limits
  • Grain size analysis
  • Standard and modified Proctor Density tests
  • Permeability

CCRG currently utilizes outside subcontractors for all concrete and other soil testing work.